A-HEC Program

The A-HEC Summer program is an exciting opportunity for area high school students who are interested in pursuing a healthcare career. These students are given a chance to explore different career opportunities in medicine by volunteering at local hospitals and healthcare facilities.

During the fifteen-day period, the students rotate through various hospital departments and job shadow practicing healthcare professionals. They are able to obtain first hand knowledge about a variety of healthcare fields, learn about health issues and patient care, gain CPR certification and practice taking vital signs, attend interactive workshops, and participate in field trips.

The program is a state accredited elective course, and students earn ½ unit of high school elective credit upon successful completion of the program.

Meet our Summer 2019 Students:

I have always been interested in the medical field, but I was unsure what field I wanted to be in. I chose to participate in A-HEC in hope it would help me make a final decision.

Charidee Knighton

Claiborne Academy, 11th Grade

I chose to participate in A-HEC to see if I should start a career in the medical field.

Nathan Allen

Claiborne Academy, 10th Grade

At A-HEC 2019 I have learned many things. Some things I have learned are where the Internet and phone lines go and how they are linked throughout the hospital. I have also learned why HIPAA is important, what EMSs do and how they cover areas. I learned the four special groups in dietary. I have not finished A-HEC 2019 yet but I know I will continue to learn until it is over.

Seth Blazier

Claiborne Academy, 10th Grade

During school I chose to practice in A-HEC. I decided to practice in A-HEC to figure out if I want to be a RN. I also want to see all of the departments in the medical field, in case I want to change my mind on being a RN nurse. I have already been to some of the different departments in the hospital. The departments I have been to is home health, case managment, senior care, etc. If I change my mind, I would be a nurse for Senior Care.

Trista Pruitt

Claiborne Academy, 10th Grade

I became interested in the field of orthopedics after breaking my arm. During my time here at A-HEC however, I have become interested in three new fields, those being dentistry, chiropracty, and veterinary.

Hayden Blazier

Claiborne Academy, 10th Grade

I chose to join A-HEC to see if I would be interested in a job in the medical field. So far, I have learned about many of the technologies used in the hospital, and how they are used to treat patients.

Thomas Russell

Claiborne Academy, 10th Grade

The reason I chose to participate in the A-HEC program was because I mainly wanted to be a dentist, but that changed once I got into the program. I thought A-HEC would give me the knowledge on how to become a dentist, but instead made me drift over to physical therapy. My favorite subjects in school have always been P.E. and science because they came natural to me. I already had knowledge about anatomy, but I also learned about the more complex parts of the human body. They taught me how to treat fractures, sprains and concussions. I’m very thankful for A-HEC letting me have this experience.

Missouri Wade

Homer High School, 12th Grade

I chose to participate in A-HEC because I wanted to have the oppurtunity to explore the variety of healthcare careers in the medical field. I have learned that there is more to hospitals than just doctors and nurses for each task. I have enjoyed the experience of being able to go and do on-hand actvities in each department and being able to interact with the patients, staff members and my friends. A-HEC is a wonderful program and I would highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the medical field!

BreAnn Lee

Claiborne Academy, 10th Grade

I chose to be part of A-HEC so I could get an in depth look of what it is like to be in the medical field. Seeing death, sickness, and all different types of injuries really makes you realize what drive it takes to be in this field. Even after all of what I’ve seen here, I still want to chase my dream and help the sick to change them for the better. Spreading positivity and love through taking care of people is what I have learned in A-HEC.

Christopher West

Caddo Magnet High School, 12th Grade