Sexual Harassment Policy

Claiborne Memorial Medical Center has a zero tolerance policy regarding sexual harassment, sexual misconduct or sexual violence. To report a case of misconduct in any form, you may contact the CMMC HR Director or a member of the hospital senior leadership team. See Louisiana Revised Statute 23:332 and Title VII of the Civic Rights Act of 1964 for further information regarding State and Federal laws.


Claiborne Memorial Medical Center will not tolerate any form of harassment. It is the responsibility of all employees to report such occurrences according to procedure. This includes inappropriate remarks, gestures, innuendoes and uninvited touching. Documented occurrences will result in actions being taken by this administration.


  • Any employee who feels such a situation has occurred or is made to feel uncomfortable, will immediately notify his or her direct manager. Confidentiality must be maintained.
  • If it is impossible to notify his or her direct manager, the employee will proceed up the organizational ladder.
  • Once notified, the department manager will notify the Risk Manager/Director of Nursing and Human Resources Manager.
  • The Risk Manager/Director of Nursing will notify the Administrator at the earliest possible time.
  • Further investigation will be conducted under the direction of the Human Resources Manager and the Risk Manager/Director of Nursing.
  • The offended employee will be notified of any actions taken and will not be persecuted for reporting such occurrences.
  • Hospital administration retains final responsibility for the resolution of all sexual harassment complaints.
  • Employees making such charges without just cause will be disciplined and may be responsible for any legal fees incurred.