Specialty Services

The specialists of Claiborne Memorial Medical Center provide comprehensive care for the spectrum of health-related ailments. Inpatient and Outpatient services are provided for the most advanced diagnosis and treatment of such healthcare threats.

Claiborne Memorial Medical Center offers the following specialty services:

Cardiology: The clinical and educational expertise at Claiborne Memorial Medical Center allows for the best quality care and treatment of our cardiology patients. Offering a full spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, our specialists provide advanced services that allow for diagnosis of both structure and function deficits.

Outpatient Infusion: Claiborne Memorial Medical Center’s infusion clinic offers a comfortable, private location for outpatient needs such as the infusion of medications, blood transfusions, injections, dressing changes and other similar physician-ordered services.

Pain Management: Claiborne Memorial Medical Center is proud to offer a Pain Management and Rehabilitation service to the citizens of Claiborne Parish. Focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions affecting the central nervous system, skeletal system, muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons, Dr. Navneet Sharma customizes a rehabilitation program for each patient. The treatment plan may include physical therapy, pain management, and patient education.

Urology: Claiborne Memorial Medical Center provides urological care through personalized urological diagnosis and treatment to patients with problems affecting the urinary tract and men with reproductive or prostate health problems. Our patients can receive private consultations, laboratory tests, biopsies and minor surgical procedures all in one comfortable location with one primary specialist.